Art alexeev

ART (ARTEMIY) ALEXEEV. born in leningrad in 1984.

as a result of increasing interest in architecture, photography and painting as well as distinct passion towards the city of st petersburg, an idea was born: to deviate from the traditional delivery of landscape and urban photography and/or paintings, and try to picture the magnificent petropolis cityscape in an unorthodox, futuristic manner, thus establishing a certain connection between the renown 18th to 20th-century architectural complex and the fast-paced, highly technological present-day lifestyle.

since then, this approach has evolved and spread to other countries, cities, streets, buildings, interiors, objects and points of interest. the megalotechnicolor catalogue is constantly growing, its reach and scope steadily increasing, its objectives limitless.

the final form of works presented is hugely influenced by a variety of movements in art, music and architecture, and the people surrounding them. suprematism and geometric abstraction, science fiction, jazz fusion and techno, hi-tech, deconstructivism and dynamic architecture, and such heralds of their time as kazimir malevich, maurits escher, mark rothko, ezra stoller, garry winogrand, santiago calatrava, lucien hervé & le corbusier, oscar niemeyer, dieter rams, miles davis, bernd & hilla becher, zaha hadid, salvador dalí, isaac asimov, fan ho, friedensreich hundertwasser, andreas gursky, hiroshi sugimoto, tadao ando and hans ruedi giger is but a fraction of what helped shape the exhibits.